International festival of poster design Opened June 17, 2014. City Gallery Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo. Poster contribution by Amir Berbic. link  

Form Furniture & Graphics

This cross-disciplinary design-build studio explored the intersection between two-dimensional graphics and three-dimensional form in the process of furniture design and fabrication. It aimed to expand the definition of furniture beyond normative function toward a hybrid condition that allows graphic and semiotic reading. The work was produced […]

History Rising

History Rising postcard series was first featured in the Hyperlinks: Architecture and Design exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago, curated by Zöe Ryan and Joseph Rosa, 2010/11. Link


In this foundations-level project students explore micro-scale formal and spatial relationships by transforming 3.5″ flat paper planes into three-dimensional models through folding, bending, scoring, and cutting. The project is divided into three successive parts. In Part 1, students work to generate a large collection of individual models. […]

Projecting Typography

In this project, students explore, experiment and document the results of projecting, reflecting or in some other way transferring the index of typographic elements onto/into interior and exterior environments. The task is to photographically document those visual expressions that denote dimensional qualities of type through […]